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Marcus Smart opens up about hand injury for first time (video)

Marcus Smart addressed the Boston media for the first time since his hand injury in Los Angeles against the Lakers.

Image Courtesy of CLNS Media

BOSTON - Marcus Smart addressed the Boston media for the first time since his hand injury in Los Angeles against the Lakers.

“Frustration with myself and everything that was going on,” said Smart on why the glass frame. “It got the best of me. When you get frustrated and get kind of angry, you don’t really think straight and this happens. Stuff like this happens. It’s just something that we have to learn from and move on. The hand is healing very well. I’ll be back soon and I’m just blessed that nothing more serious happened to it.”

The question around the NBA is which uniform will Smart be wearing when he returns from injury, as he did address the trade rumors.

“Ever since I’ve been — I’ve been in trade rumors since I’ve been in the league,” said Smart. “It happens. It’s business. Nothing’s written in stone until it happens. We just kinda see how it goes but I’m not worried about it. I don’t think the trade rumors is because of my hand or anything like that.”

Whether in a Celtic uniform or elsewhere, Smart does expect to make a full recovery and return from injury after the All-Star break.

“I think I’ll be able to play again sometime after All-Star,” said Smart. “I just have to give time for the skin on the hand. The stitches are out, everything healed up fine, I just have a few turf burns, type of road rash on the top of my hand. We’re just trying to let that skin heal before we get back into doing anything. We don’t want to re-open it and take two steps back.”

Smart also made sure to confirm that his hand injury was strictly related to his frustration in missing the game-winner against the Lakers and not related to anything off the court.

“No, nothing,” said Smart. “Off the court had nothing to do with it which a lot of people probably think it was but it really wasn’t. Like I said, it’s something I’ve got to learn from and we move on, like I said. In this world, unfortunately, this happens to more than just one person, everybody has been in this situation before where you had a relapse or we just (Marcus mumble) things change, you’s upset, you pay for it. Like I said, I gotta learn from it, gotta move on.”

Written by Clevis Murray for CelticsBlog and CLNS Media

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