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Celtics trade deadline day open thread

Come talk about the latest Celtics rumblings and rumors leading up to the NBA trade deadline.

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Here we are on NBA trade deadline day and I haven’t got the foggiest idea of what’s going to happen. But you can be sure that we’ll cover all the day’s rumors, rumblings, and events here on CelticsBlog.

Personally I’m about as stress free about the deadline as I’ve been in years. Maybe they’ll make a move, maybe not. If they don’t do anything, they’re still set up well to compete now and well into the future. If they do something, I’m pretty confident at this point that Danny is making the right call (that’s not to say that he’s infallible, just that he’s built up some trust equity over time).

See the CelticsBlog staff’s entertaining back-and-forth on the subject of “going for it” here.

The 2 major themes surrounding the team recently have been that they are “dangling” Marcus Smart for a first rounder. Steve Bulpett poured a little cold water on that rumor yesterday.

It also bears repeating that reports the C’s are offering Smart to other teams for a first-round pick are, according to several league sources, unfounded.

The other story has been the Celtics apparent interest in Tyreke Evans (and Lou Williams before he signed an extension to stay in LA). The Griz want a first rounder for Reke and other teams are reluctant to give one up for a rental.

So will the Celtics push their first onto the table at the last minute? Will they settle for some unnamed 2nd option? Or will they be content to sit this one out and see what shakes out in the buyout market? We’ll know in a few short hours.

In the meantime, feel free to see my extended thoughts on these matters in the Facebook Live video from last night. Have a great deadline day!

Trade deadline eve Q & A with Jeff Clark of CelticsBlog.

Posted by Celtics Blog on Wednesday, February 7, 2018

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