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Inside the Celtics Locker Room: Kyrie update; C’s injury reactions (video)

Players and coaches react to the mounting injury woes for the Celtics...

Courtesy of CLNS Media

Boston — After pulling himself from the line-up at half-time, Kyrie Irving spoke to the media following the Celtics loss to the Indiana Pacers.

Here are the reactions from around the Celtics locker room.

Kyrie Irving:

What is your concern level?

“Where we are going this season I’m pretty comfortable. Competitively, I think that’s what I’m more or less concerned about its just when I actually do get back on the floor and how good I want to feel. The level I expect myself to play at and I want to play at and being able to sustain it. Right now I’m going to deal with that.”

Brad Stevens:

Re: Kyrie (Irving) update, did you sense knee was bothering him?

“I had no idea, but at halftime he was talking about it, felt some soreness in it, probably similar to the Houston game in the 3rd quarter, and was getting it worked on after halftime. We don’t know what it is above general knee soreness and I think that’s the case, but we will go and get as much testing as we need to. We think its general knee soreness and he doesn’t seem overly concerned big picture wise with it, but its obviously been giving him fits here and there for the last five to eight days or so.”

Marcus Smart:

Coming out of halftime with no Kyrie (Irving)

“I actually didn’t even know Kyrie (Irving) was out until we were getting ready to start the 3rd quarter. That’s definitely hard. We’re down, we’re down Jaylen (Brown) and we lose another key component to our team and we just tried to figure out ways to keep ourselves in it.”

Terry Rozier:

When did you guys learn Kyrie (Irving) wouldn’t be out there in second half?

“Start of it, right at the start. I don’t think anybody knew what was going on until we had to put our five out there.”

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