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Deep Dive: Weiss & Vecenie breakdown Celtics loss to Rockets (podcast)

Sam Vecenie is joined by former CelticsBlog alumni, Jared Weiss...

Boston Celtics v New York Knicks Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

In this episode, Sam Vecenie chats with Jared Weiss from over at CelticsWire about the terrific Celtics-Rockets game on Saturday night. What makes the Rockets such a tough guard night-in, night-out, particularly when they close games? How does Clint Capela make such an impact even on a night where he doesn’t score? What did we learn from the Celtics’ loss last night? How does the Celtics’ lack of bad players help them? Also, how great is it that Terry Rozier is actually good now?

Then, Trevor Lane from over at Lakers Nation joins the show, and they chat about the Lakers young core. They deep dive on Lonzo Ball, what he’s done so far, and what there is to be even slightly concerned about. Then they chat about Brandon Ingram, who has been terrific over the last two months. What has he done that has helped him take the next step? How great has Julius Randle been? And then why has Kyle Kuzma hit a bit of a slump? Then, finally, putting it into context and whether or not we’d rather have their situation or Phoenix’s?

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