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#LakersPick lottery odds locked in, first round opponent is not

After a pair of Celtics’ and Lakers’ losses last night, Boston has some clarity with what the immediate future looks like.

Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Here’s what we know: with the Lakers losing their 47th game (couple with the Hornets winning their final game in Indiana), Los Angeles is locked into the #10 spot for this spring’s NBA lottery. They’ll have a 4% of landing in the top-3 and 1.1% to grab #1. Here’s a breakdown of that pick landing at #2 or #3:

Last summer, Danny Ainge traded the #1 pick to the Sixers for #3 and either this year’s Lakers’ pick (if it fell between 2-5) or the more favorable of 2019’s Kings’ pick or Sixers’ pick (both are protected for #1). So, with less than a 2% chance, the odds are the Celtics are looking at recouping that extra pick next summer, but stranger things have happened. For what it’s worth, the Lakers have won two out of the last three lotteries; in 2015, they moved two spots up to nab D’Angelo Russell and two years later, they moved up one spot to grab Lonzo Ball. This year’s jump to #2 or #3 is improbable, but anything is possible. The NBA Lottery is on May 15th.

In terms of playoff seeding, last night’s loss in Washington did little to clear up the Celtics’ playoff future. Before tonight’s full slate of games, the Heat and Wizards have identical records at 43-38 with the Bucks a game ahead at 44-37, but any three could be traveling to Boston this weekend. Here’s the Celtics’ voice, Sean Grande, on the playoff possibilities:

The Raptors are locked in for home court advantage in the Eastern Conference and the #2 best record in the league. They’re playing for health and a good tan in Miami tonight. The Bucks are in Philadelphia to play a motivated Sixers trying to secure a #3 seed from the Cavaliers. Washington will be facing an Orlando team looking to better their lottery odds; the Magic are a loss behind Dallas and Atlanta who completed their regular season yesterday. With all games starting at 8 pm, the Wizards, Bucks, and Heat can’t exactly scoreboard watch.

The Celtics, on the other hand, have some definitive motivations going into their home finale vs. Brooklyn. The Nets are tied with the Knicks at 28-53 and 8th for lottery odds. That Brooklyn pick currently belongs to the Cavaliers from the Kyrie Irving-Isaiah Thomas trade. Brad Stevens has said that he’ll stress health and playing time for the young guys tonight.

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