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5 keys to Celtics victory in game 2 (video)

Jared Weiss of The Athletic Boston joined Gelso and Pavon for a game two preview. The trio give you five keys for the Celtics to go up 2-0.

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Jared Weiss on the Keys to Celtics going up 2-0:

Jared Weiss of The Athletic Boston joined Gelso and Pavon for a game two preview. The trio give you five keys for the Celtics to go up 2-0.

#1. Control 50/50 Balls

As Jared Weiss mentions in the first segment of The Garden Report, the Milwaukee Bucks length created many deflections in game 1, leading to 15 Celtics’ turnovers. The C’s won the TOV battle, however, by controlling the 50/50 balls.

The Bucks aren’t going to get less long. Expect more loose balls, jump balls and turnovers.

The Celtics must control those 50/50 balls with hustle.

#2. No Long Scoring Droughts

Josue Pavon mentions the Bucks 24-5 run in the second quarter, despite Eric Bledsoe’s less than stellar game one. Nick Gelso asks, how much of the painful second quarter scoring was attributed to the Bucks defense or simply poor offense from the C’s?

The Celtics will not have the comforts of TD Garden to encourage them through poor shooting in games 3 and 4. It’s supremely important that they maintain offensive superiority through 48 minutes in game two.

#3. Scoring by Committee

Over 60 percent of the Bucks scoring came from Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton (35 and 31 points). The C’s only had eight players hit the hardwood. Of those eight, five players scored 19 points or more.

The Bucks may have more star power than the Celtics but if the C’s can continue to score evenly while dumping the bulk of the Milwaukee buckets on the Greek Freak, Boston should leave Boston up 2-0.

#4. Matching the Physicality

The Bucks played physical basketball throughout regulation and overtime. As Jared explained, the physicality particularly affected the play of Jayson Tatum during stretches on Sunday.

The C’s must not only cope with Milwaukee roughing them up a bit, they need to match that physicality. After game one, Brad Stevens detailed his strategy which included emphasis on getting the ball to Al Horford in the post.

#5. Adjust to the Adjustments

When your coach is named, Brad Stevens, making adjustments is a given. No question the Bucks will throw new wrinkles at the C’s. Al Horford was a thorn in the side of the Bucks. Terry Rozier stepped up in the clutch on Sunday. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown scored nearly 40 points combined.

C’s veteran big man, Horford has seen multiple adjustments during his career. The C’s youth must be prepared for a different plan of attack from the Bucks on Tuesday night.

There’s no question that Brad Stevens will have them prepared.

What are your keys for game 2?

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