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CelticsBlog Pod 34: Bucks losing themselves vs. Celtics

Jimmy Toscano points to a lack of leadership as Eric Bledsoe fires up a feud with Terry Rozier, Jason Terry rolls the ball downcourt and the Bucks roll over in Game 2 heading back to Milwaukee down 0-2. Also, some credit for the Celtics, especially Jaylen Brown.

NBA: Playoffs-Milwaukee Bucks at Boston Celtics Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Tommy Heinsohn doesn’t remember his performance that Jaylen Brown topped in these playoffs. That means two things: Heinsohn has accomplished too much, and his record was set long before any of us were born.

Over 60 years ago, Heinsohn set the mark of youngest Celtics player with a 30-point playoff game. Brown, 21-years-old, topped that in Tuesday’s win, another dominant effort for an undermanned Boston team that looked under-equipped entering the postseason.

The Bucks have turned out to be the ones missing themselves, leadership and even talent, said Jimmy Toscano of the Garden Report in this week’s CelticsBlog podcast, available here for direct listening.

The former CelticsBlog contributor pointed to a losing culture, admitting he was wrong in wanting to see the Heat over the Bucks, due to the threat of Giannis Antetokounmpo. He breaks down how Brad Stevens has maximized his team’s remaining pieces, Eric Bledoe’s apparent disdain for Terry Rozier and what’s been missing on the Bucks end of things.

Shane Larkin’s emerging as one of Stevens’ favorite assets as he reaches deep into his bench for impact, what’s allowed him to become a key contributor on a two-seed after not being in the league last season.

It’s another example of how Stevens is “one step ahead.”

“I’m looking at the (Celtics) now,” Toscano said. “Who would be surprised if they ended up in the Eastern Conference Finals.”

The series isn’t over yet, he added, but the impact of Al Horford, which he likened to Kevin Garnett’s once upon a time, has allowed the Celtics to do exactly what they’ve needed to cleaning up home court to this point.

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