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You still salty LeBron? Which King is going to show up for game 2? (video)

LeBron James is not used to struggling but struggle he did in Game 1, in a 108-83 blowout loss to the Celtics.

Image courtesy of CLNS Media

BOSTON — LeBron James is a bad bad man. Any thoughts the Celtics or their fans have that the rest of the series is going to go like Game 1 best to do way with them right now.

LeBron is going to come back, and he’s going to be angry and he’s going to do terrible awful things.

All things considered King James was pretty calm and collected following Cleveland’s 108-83 Game one loss in which he was held to only 15 points on 5-16 shooting with seven turnovers. But he snapped back at a reporter who suggested the Celtics physicality had something to do with his poor performance.

Are you asking me if they were more physical? Or are you saying it,” James said.

“No, physical basketball is part of the playoffs. That’s what you expect. I don’t think you can just say that, because you’re not on the floor. Physical basketball is a part of the postseason. It’s easy to make a narrative when you win or lose and say ‘OK, you were bad offensively and you lost.’ And then you win and you’re like ‘Oh, you played better.’ Physics basketball started in Game one of the Indiana series when Indiana punched us in the mouth, too. It’s been like that throughout.”

LeBron also said he wasn’t concerned about his ability to bounce back in game 2.

“I have zero level of concern at this stage,” James said. “I didn’t go to college, so it’s not March Madness. You get better throughout the series. You see ways you can get better throughout the series, but I’ve been down 0-1. I’ve been down 0-2. “For me, there’s never a level of concern, no matter how bad I played with seven turnovers, how inefficient I was shooting the ball. Just as confident going into a series, no matter if it’s an 0-0 series or I’m down 0-1. We have another opportunity to be better as a ball club coming in Tuesday night, and we’ll see what happens.”