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Celtics Practice Report: Preparing for Game 7 (video)

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We heard from Brad Stevens and Al Horford this morning, less than 12 hours before Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

NBA: Playoffs-Boston Celtics at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

WALTHAM - The Boston Celtics held shootaround on Sunday morning, less than 12 hours before Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals tips off. Brad Stevens and Al Horford spoke to the media beforehand, discussing the team’s preparations for tonight’s matchup against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Stevens talked about the team’s mindset heading into Game 7, saying that you have to be loose. “If you don’t have fun with this, why are you here?... How much fun is it to still be a part of playing and get a chance to do something like this? There’s nothing like it.”

The Celtics head coach was also asked about Marcus Smart’s hopes for a physical game on Sunday night, and responded with the quote of the morning. “When Smart says ugly and physical, in his mind that’s beautiful.”

Al Horford spoke about the adjustments the Celtics will make with the absence of Kevin Love, while also previewing tonight’s environment at TD Garden. “I think it’ll be electric. Our fans are gonna be ready to go from the beginning. I’ve been telling you guys, these are the moments you want to be a part of, in TD Garden.”