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Inside the Celtics Locker Room: Reactions to Game 7 loss (video)

Listen to Brad Stevens and members of the Boston Celtics recap their Game 7 loss and improbable postseason run.

BOSTON - The Boston Celtics fell in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Sunday night, ending their improbable 2018 playoff run. Brad Stevens spoke about how difficult the ending is when asked about the abrupt-nature of a season-ending loss.

“Every ending is tough. I guess that’s for all 29 teams that don’t win it. No matter how good of a season you’ve had, the ones that don’t end when you win a championship, it’s going to be a disappointing ending.”

Stevens also said that when speaking in the locker room after the game, he spoke about how the “pain is part of the path,” while commending this “tremendous group”.

Al Horford and Jayson Tatum discussed the accomplishments of this year’s group, while recapping their playoff run. Horford started off by praising the Celtics rookie star, saying that what he did this season was “unbelievable”. “Just the way that he took the season in stride and just kept pushing.”

Tatum touched on the improbable run that this team had. “Just an amazing ride that we had and how much fun it was playing with this group of guys night in and night out, playing for our coaching staff.”

Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown seemed rather devastated by the Game 7 loss, keeping their responses very brief and somber. Rozier said Sunday night’s game was a “tough pill to swallow”, and added that he “didn’t make shots.”

Brown said that it was “just one of those nights,” while also pointing out that the Celtics’ shots just “didn’t fall.”