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Brad Stevens responds to coach of the year news

The Boston Celtics head coach downplayed the recent coach of the year ballots.

BOSTON – Brad Stevens spoke with the media prior to Wednesday night’s Game 5 matchup against the Philadelphia 76ers.

He was asked about the recent NBCA Coach of the Year ballots, and how he felt about not receiving any votes. The Celtics head coach said that Dwane Casey deserved to win in classic Humble-Brad fashion. “There’s no way in hell I would have voted for me, I would have picked ten people in front of me and felt bad I had to pick just one. We’re all just fortunate to be one of thirty.”

Brett Brown said in his pregame press conference that he felt Stevens should’ve gotten a vote. “He didn’t get a vote? He should have gotten a vote. I would have voted for him.”

Stevens also noted that the Celtics were considering a change to the starting lineup for Game 5, and that it would be announced closer to tip-off. We ultimately learned that Jaylen Brown would return to the starting five in place of Marcus Smart.

Check out Stevens’ full pregame press conference below:

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