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Boston Celtics unveil the brand new Auerbach Center

The 70,000 square foot facility is as stunning as it is impressive.

BOSTON - The Boston Celtics unveiled their new state of the art practice facility on Tuesday morning at New Balance World Headquarters. The 70,000 square foot Red Auerbach Center is a massive upgrade from the team’s Waltham site, which served the team well for the last 19 years.

The new facility includes everything from a gigantic strength and conditioning area to a full kitchen and lounge, amongst a host of other amenities, including a nap room. The two full sized courts are surrounded by bigger and better medical and training operations, while also having direct access to all basketball offices. Above all of the beautiful new features hang 18 banners - yes, 18. All 17 championship banners followed by a blank banner. It should be noted that all of the clocks and scoreboards were locked at 18 throughout the day today.

Here are some photos and tweets from today’s unveiling at the Auerbach Center:

Excuse this brief moment of gushing when I say - the Auerbach Center is without a doubt top of the line across all NBA facilities. I cannot express how incredible this space is and how beneficial it will be towards the future of the Celtics organization.

Check out the full press conference below, which includes Wyc Grousbeck, New Balance Owner Jim Davis, Governor Charlie Baker, and Mayor Marty Walsh:

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