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Open topic: Should the Celtics try to trade into the top 5? For who?

Should the Celtics swing big to get into the top of the NBA lottery? What would you give up to get there?

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Every year we get caught up in the rumor buzz and talk ourselves into believing that mass chaos is going to happen. Then we get to draft night and it is largely hit or miss. Could this year be any different?

It seems like every pick is available for the right price and we’ve already heard rumors for all the top 5 picks (except perhaps the Suns at #1 overall and even they will listen to Godfather offers). Sprinkle in some zany front offices and it could mean a lot of movement.

Which brings us to the Celtics. Do you think that they have their eyes on any of the top 5 (or so) prospects? If so, who do you think is their target?

Would they be willing to package together assets to move up? I imagine it would have to involve some combination of assets that could include some of the following assets: Terry Rozier, the Kings pick, the Clippers pick, the Memphis pick, and our own 27th pick this year.

What package would you put together to get into the top of the draft and which team do you think would take it?

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