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Mailbag: Give me your Celtics offseason questions

Draft, free agency, trades, tips on summer vacation plans, give me what you’ve got.

Boston Celtics Introduce Kyrie Irving Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

I love doing these mailbag articles, but during the season (and in particular after the trade deadline) I don’t really like looking ahead to the offseason too much. I prefer to focus on the games and the team that was in front of us in that moment.

So I did my best to push off most questions about free agency, trades, and the draft until now. We have plenty of time to go through all that and more (though a little bit less time than we had expected a few months back due to an amazing playoff run).

I’m ready for your questions now. Hit me with them in the comments section down below. I’ll answer as many as I can and I may or may not steal an idea or two from you for full articles.

I imagine I’ll get a few Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier questions. I imagine I’ll get some draft questions (I’ll have to cram on my homework or blatantly steal from others). I imagine I’ll get some questions about where to go on summer vacation. I imagine dragons, because they’re cool.

Feel free to be as creative, funny, unique, or random as you like (within the site rules please). Or you are welcome to be boring and plain as you like as well. I won’t judge.

Happy summer everyone!

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