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Goodman: Lack of medical info may have caused Robert Williams to fall

Medical info could have caused Williams to slide to #27, but the newest member of the Celtics sounded confident on Friday morning.

Texas A&M v Michigan Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

According to Jeff Goodman, Robert Williams may have slid down the draft boards to No. 27 due to his medical records, or lack thereof. The newest member of the Boston Celtics did not participate in the combine, which prevented many teams from getting his medical info. There seemed to be some concern last night over a potential knee injury.

Williams and the Celtics had an interesting start to their first Friday together, as the team couldn’t get in contact with their new big-man for his 11 AM EST conference call. It turned out to be just a miscommunication, as the 6-10 forward was on the line just an hour later. When asked about missing the first call, he said that he went to his aunt’s house after the pick last night and went straight to bed because he was so tired from everything. He was informed by his sister this morning about the conference call.

Despite poor audio on the call, Williams preached his love for defense and what he can bring to the Celtics.

He’ll fit right in with that frame of mind, in addition to learning from veteran big-man Al Horford. When asked about working with the Celtics center, Williams sounded very excited. “Horford is a great example. A great vet. He leads everyone, so I’m happy to be around him.” Williams then added that he’s excited to have ended up with such a “great organization”.

The Louisiana native was also asked if he has something to prove, and answered confidently by saying, “You always have people that doubt you.” Williams added that he knows that he’ll “make a lot of noise when (he) gets up (to Boston).”

The biggest takeaway from today’s conference call was William’s preferences over his name. After Danny Ainge was heard calling him Bob last night, there was plenty of debate online, but Williams settled that on Friday. He does not like to be called Bob. Williams prefers Rob or Robert.

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