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BREAKING: AAU Basketball to Undergo Major Changes (podcast)

Jeff Goodman reports that the AAU is about to undergo a massive overhaul that will reshape youth basketball.

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There are some big changes coming to AAU basketball in the very near future according to Basketball Insider Jeff Goodman. Changes that will forever alter the landscape of youth basketball development and could mean AAU basketball, as currently constituted will cease to exist.

“[The NABC ad hoc committee] is going to recommend four regional camps, potentially one in June and one in July, involving somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 kids,” Goodman said on the Good N’ Plenty Podcast on CLNS Media. “These, according to sources, are likely to be paid for by the NCAA and will be held on rotating college campuses, which hasn’t been the case in the past. The top 700-or-so players will then go to one of the sites on the second weekend, again whether that’s in June or a different weekend in July, and the hope is to have them coached by G-League coaches and maybe even NBA players.”

This change in format would stray from the norm, allowing the NCAA to have more control over how the players are seen and scouted by their potential collegiate coaches.

“The big thing here, according to sources, that’s likely to happen is that AAU basketball is no more,” said Goodman. “That coaches wouldn’t be able to go out in July to these shoe-sponsored events anymore.”

“The next step is for UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero, who’s the chairman of the Division I Basketball Oversight Committee, he has to draft a proposal to present to Condolezza Rice and the commission in early-August.”

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