Simmons wins ROY?!?

Not denying the kids talented, dont think anyone would deny that. However, hes NOT a rookie, and ANYONE who watched the playoffs, would know what rookies this year impacted the game and their teams the most. Tatum and Mitchell. Plain and simple. I understand this is a regular season award, but I feel like the hype around Simmons is the main reason why he won. Mitchell literally took his team, who most thought would be a lottery team, after the loss of GH myself included, and lead them into the second round of the playoffs. Knocking off the Thunder, Westbrook n Co, in the first round to boot. Tatum, well we all know what Tatum did for himself and the celtics this year. Like Mitchell, at the end of the Celtics run this year, the team was lookin for the rook in crunchtime. Simmons for all his regular season accolades came up short when it mattered most for himself and his team. I personally wouldve had Mitchell 1A n Tatum 1B this year, hell i think Markannen was better than Simmons this year as well. Because Simmons is.....Not a rookie!!! Not a rookie!! Not a rookie!!! Heres to OUR ROY Jason Tatum, Ill take him 8 days a week over Simmons! Funny part is, philly passed on this kid lol!!! Go celtcs!!!

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