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Topic: How would you feel about LeBron James on the Lakers?

Will Boston’s biggest rival snag our biggest foil? Discuss.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Los Angeles Lakers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

We’re just days away from free agency beginning and this is a big opportunity for the Lakers to finally cash in on their free agency plan. Tom Ziller explains:

You need to understand just how humongous the next three weeks are for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Coming off the longest playoff drought in the franchise’s glorious history, the Lakers have an opportunity to completely remake their team. Los Angeles, with all-new management and the salary cap space to absorb multiple stars, is set up to not just climb out of the basement, but to launch the team back into NBA title contention for the first time since 2010. After five moribund years — something inconceivable for this franchise until it actually happened — it could all be over in perhaps as few as 10 days.

Will it happen, or will the Lakers’ dry spell continue?

As much as it would amuse me to see the Lakers come up short and flail around in displaced overconfidence a little longer, there are downsides to LeBron James picking another team. First, if he stays in Cleveland or picks the Sixers, that means he’s staying in the East where he can either challenge or at least disrupt the Celtics just for sport (depending on his supporting cast).

In addition, there’s something more special about an NBA where both the Celtics and Lakers are competing for titles. Not to mention the fact that LeBron is the perfect rival to root against as a Boston fan. He seems to be a perfect fit for Los Angeles.

We’ll see if it actually happens and if he can get any more of his fellow star players to join him in L.A. But how would you feel about it? Discuss below.

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