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Mailbag answers: Terry Rozier, NBA draft, rim protectors, and Gamora

I’ve got all the answers. I just can’t promise that they are right.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game Seven Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Does Danny put his pants on the same way as everyone else? - JaylenBrownORjustJB

Well, sure. Except that before he puts them on, he calls 29 other people to make sure there isn’t a way he can trade them for better pants. And usually he gets better pants, a pair of socks, and a belt to be named later.

Why is Gamora? - Abakando-Kapitaina

Because Brad Stevens.

Is it almost a 100 % guarantee Marcus Morris get traded this off season? - waynefelch

Not at all. There’s only a 36.8% chance he gets traded. But the staff is going to talk about that in detail so I’ll defer to them for now.

If Baynes signes elsewhere, who do you want the Celtics to sign or draft as his replacement? - dylan&townes

Who do u think Boston gets to be a rim protector? - kalinis

Well, I would LIKE Clint Capela to sign for the minimum, but I don’t think that’s happening. I don’t think Greg Monroe is really the long term answer. Maybe they’ll kick the tires on Ed Davis, but he’s another big with limited range. Do they roll the dice on someone like Nerlens Noel or drafting Mitchell Robinson and trust Brad to point them in the right direction? Not sure.

I believe that the C’s can offer the Cavs and Lebron excellent opportunities if he decides to go the free agency route

Hear me out on this. We all know that Lebron has very little team support in regards to talented teammates. He has to work way to hard to carry this team. So let’s say that Lebron decides to leave due to his dilemma in Cleveland. The Cavs get zip.

The celts could offer the Cavs players that can get Lebron close to a 30M contract with a sign and trade offering KI, MM, Yabu and a few other pieces from the bench. Theis is not included. So the Cavs get talent instead of dust and more importantly, Lebron could go to a team that is set for a championship run. He would clearly not need to work as hard because of the talent surrounding him (AH, GH, JT, JB, MS and TR). Of course we now sign TR long term. I am somewhat certain that there isn’t a team in the league that could offer the Cavs this type of talent and Lebron a chance at a ring surrounding with elite talent. What do you think? - bstock

Boston Celtics Media Day Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images


With Towns and Kawhi Leonard seemingly on the outs with their teams, how could the Celtics get involved, either directly, or as facilitator using players and picks to get a better player or move up in the draft? - SpaldingBill

This is a great question. They absolutely could get involved as facilitators. I’m not sure I fully believe either of those guys will actually get moved, but if any star player gets moved it will take a lot of moving parts and assets to do so. The Celtics have tons of movable assets, but obviously they would only get involved as a facilitator if it benefited them. They don’t have room to take on a lot of bad salary. They might be able to dangle Rozier, Morris, or the 27th pick for future considerations. It is at least worth keeping an eye on.

Simply Put, What Do You Predict Happens On Draft Day With Pick #27? Lots of possibilities… trade down for 2nd rounders/future pick(s), small trade up, BIG trade up, or trading it for a current player, etc. - Phantom255x

Any of the above really. There’s not a lot of room on the roster but Danny and Brad are always looking to develop and coach up young talent. So I could see them keeping the pick and taking the best player available. On the other hand, it is an asset they could dangle in a trade. If they are worried about staying under the tax, they could draft an overseas stash player or trade it for future considerations. Everything is on the table (as always). As a default, I’d say the most likely thing would be that they keep it, but who knows?

What do you think the trade market for Terry Rozier would look like? Do you think it makes sense to trade him this off season, or should we retain him? - jon33hoy

This is another topic I’m sure we’ll spend a lot of time on this summer but my gut reaction is “yeah, it makes sense to see what we could get for him.” And I’m a big fan of Scary Terry. I don’t know how true the rumors are about the Celtics fondness for guys in the high lottery, but if they were trying to move up, packaging Rozier with picks seems like the way to do it. With that said, the team isn’t under any specific pressure to trade him and could wait and see till the trade deadline to make that call.

Thanks for the questions everyone! Let’s do this again soon.

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