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NBA Finals open thread: Wednesday, Game 3

Former Cavaliers PG Isaiah Thomas called sweep

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Clear your mind for a brief minute, breathe deeply and think of a empty forest, I pose to you the following question . . . . If Isaiah Thomas tells Isiah Thomas “I’m like the Cavaliers, I’m gonna get swept” on the Jimmy Kimmel show, will LeBron James hear it? This is the very philosophical thought experiment to ponder before game 3, an exercise in metaphysics if you will.

Seeing both Thomii together in the same place raises interesting questions about perception and the nature of our observable universe. If you haven’t seen the moment Thomas (elder), buckles to his knees giggling as Thomas (younger) playfully throws out a killer one liner. It equally raises insights into a final series which appears completely one sided in all departments. The Cleveland Cavaliers head home for probably the last time and yet another 0-2 series deficit in the 2017-18 playoffs with everything on the line.

Is Isaiah right? Do you see a sweep on the horizon, we’d love to hear your thoughts?

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