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Report: Celtics Assistant GM Mike Zarren is a top candidate for 76ers GM

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Reports are surfacing that Boston Celtics Assistant General Manager Mike Zarren is a top candidate for the Philadelphia 76ers General Manager job. Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer had a note in this article about what’s next for Philadelphia, that league sources indicate Zarren is the mix for the Sixers.

Previously, there had been much speculation that Zarren might be the top externa choice for the GM role that was opened after Bryan Colangelo resigned. Colangelo resigned following a scandal involving multiple Twitter accounts that were connected back to the Colangelo family. These accounts shared confidential information about players and the health of players over the past two years.

Zarren was reportedly Philadelphia’s top choice for GM in 2013. According to an article in The Boston Herald at the time, Zarren turned down the opportunity to run the Sixers front office. That job ultimately went to Sam Hinkie and “The Process” was born.

After starting as an intern, Zarren has been with Boston for more than a decade. He functions as the Celtics Assistant GM, as well as Team Counsel for basketball and business issues. He’s responsible for salary cap administration, as well as statistical analysis pertaining to team strategy and player evaluation.

Zarren is a Massachusetts native, hailing from Swampscott. He graduated from Harvard Law School and the University of Chicago. He’s well-known as a Celtics season ticket holder and lifelong fan of his hometown team.

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