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Are Celtics Really Interested in ‘Movin’ On Up’ in NBA Draft? (video)

Is Danny Ainge really interested in moving into the top 5 of the NBA draft and is so how much is too much to part with?

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EAST BOSTON — The NBA draft is now less than two weeks away and the Celtics – at the present moment – hold onto the 27th overall pick. For Danny Ainge this must be kind of a strange feeling. The Celtics have picked in the top 6 three of the past four years including 3rd each of the past two seasons. The Celtics have not had their first 1st round pick be any lower than 16 since 2012 and not as low as 27 since 2008 the year they last won the title. That year Boston picked 30th.

Needless to say based on the current roster construction Danny has developed a taste for blue chip talent which is why it wasn’t surprising when reports surfaced last week linking the Celtics to Texas shot blocking big man Mo Bamba, who is likely to go somewhere in the top 5.

Getting from 27 – where the Celtics pick now – all the way to 5 is a tall order. One that would require the C’s to include at least one young established player on the current roster.

Our Garden Report crew of Mike Petraglia, Nick Gelso and Jacob Tobey debates how much is too much to get into the top 5? Terry Rozier? Jaylen Brown? Heaven forbid Jayson Tatum!!??

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