Looks like LBJ is gonna finish his career with the Lakers

Glad that circus, "the decision" is over. I heard 4 years around 160$ was the price tag. Im stoked that he did not end up in philly. What a huge pile he left in Cleveland, theyre a mess. Instantly this renews the Celtics vs Lakers rivalry. If im LA, im not trading for Leonard, instead waiting it out one more year till he becomes a FA. I think now that they have LBJ however, a trade is likely to happen. Probably centered around Kuz, Ingram, Hart, Randle (S+T). At least some combination of them. Gonna be interested to see how that roster ends up to start the season. I suppose LA could possibly make a run at DMC also, but I dont know if he and Lebron would be a great pairing. Even with a core of KL and LBJ, I dont see that team being good enough to take down the warriors

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