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CelticsBlog Pod 46: Ben Rohrbach on Gordon Hayward

A year pitching The Parquet Post to readers angry about $1, a conversation with Gordon Hayward and memories of Kevin Garnett’s physical exertion in 2012.

NBA: Preseason-Boston Celtics at Philadelphia 76ers John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Former Celtics beat writer and current NBA wordsmith for Yahoo Ben Rohrbach joined the CelticsBlog Podcast in the aftermath of the Denver NuggetsIsaiah Thomas signing. After his unfruitful pitch to Danny Ainge, it may be time to say that the best chance of seeing him in a C’s uniform again already rests in the past.

Marcus Smart is back instead, a move that surely has trade salary implications but the number one reason above all might have been a simple sign of good will. Remember Jaylen Brown’s dismay at the roster overhaul this time one year ago? It’s an inverse mindset.

The true addition to next season’s team will be Gordon Hayward. He spoke with Rohrbach recently in a conversation mostly centering around his relationship with Brad Stevens. While their meeting in Boston played a key role in him feeling comfortable in the new city, their two-year relationship might have been overplayed. Asked what has changed about Stevens: six minutes wasn’t enough time to tell.

Then there’s Al Horford. The unsung potential free agent in the cluster of expiring contracts next summer. While it may spoil the season in front of us, it isn’t too early to anticipate what outcomes his player option could entail as it coincides with Kyrie Irving’s free agency.

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