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Discussion topic: Which former NBA players would you want the rest of the Celtics working out with?

Jayson Tatum worked out with Kobe Bryant, Jaylen Brown worked out with Tracy McGrady. Who else should be tutored?

Jayson Tatum Instagram (jaytatum0)
Jayson Tatum Instagram (jaytatum0)

Discussion topic time!

First we saw Jaylen Brown working out with Tracy McGrady, then we saw Jayson Tatum working out with Kobe Bryant.

For fun, which current Celtics players would you like to see working out with which former NBA players? (Bonus points if it is with ex-Celtics)

I’ll start: How about Terry Rozier with Jason Terry? Or perhaps Guerschon Yabusele with Big Rasheed Wallace? I’m going to say we should hold off letting Kevin Garnett anywhere near Robert Williams III for the time being. That’s kind of a make-or-break moment that I’m not sure he’s ready for yet. Maybe Semi Ojeleye should spend some time with Leon Powe.

I’d really like to hear your ideas here though. Feel free to be as creative as you like.