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Have you already had enough of Bob Williams? (video)

Are the Celtics worried about the behavior of 1st round pick Robert Williams? Jeff Goodman, Trags & Toscano discuss on the Garden Report.

EAST BOSTON — Maturity issues coming out of college? Well he’s a kid, what can you expect?

Blew off the team’s introductory conference call? Overslept, no big deal.

Missed his flight and team’s first summer league practice? Ok, starting to get a bit worried here.

Such has been the saga of Celtics first round draft pick Robert Williams. The team knew he had some baggage when he fell to to them at 27 in the NBA Draft. Turns out, Williams came as advertised.

So are the Celtics starting to worry about their first round selection? Jeff Goodman, Mike Petraglia and Jimmy Toscano kick it around on The Garden Report.

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