Rob Williams vs Mitchell Robinson

I had my eye on these two bigs as it got closer to draft night especially considering where we were slotted to pick. I didnt think Williams would fall to us, so I was hoping for Robinson. Robinson was ranked top 20 in his class coming out of high school, but for some reason opted not to play college ball. Had he played last year in college he couldve been a lottery pick. Naturally, as it turns out we could have selected either of them. Obviously we selected Williams, and about ten picks later the Knicks scooped Robinson. I caught a little bit of the Knicks/Hawks game and was impressed with Robinsons performance. Kevin Knox, the knicks 9th pick, looked really good out there also. Robinsons listed as 7'1 and looked every bit of it on the court as he clearly was the biggest player. His athleticism was on display aswell, did a hell of a job running the floor, rebounding, and blocking shots. It seems Williams and Robinson have similar stregths n weaknesses both physically, and from a skill standpoint. Also, both had some question marks going into the draft reguarding maturity, and desire to play the game. I think its gonna be interesting to see how they mature and their careers evolve.

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