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Off topic: Anything good on TV?

Find something you like to watch as much as Kevin Garnett liked watching Gino dance.

Indiana Pacers v Boston Celtics Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

No, I’m not trying to turn CelticsBlog into The Ringer. I’m just filling up the days by opening topics for the community to weigh in on.

Short aside: I’m finally thinking about un-plugging. Ditching cable for streaming options. I’m happy to take recommendations (note: I already have Roku and Netflix).

So what good TV shows are you watching these days? What were your all time favorite shows? What shows did you plan your week around watching? What shows did you binge watch till your eyes dried out? Are there any new shows coming out that you can’t wait to see this Fall?

Since we’re sports fans, what are your favorite sports related shows? If you could create any new show, what would the premise be? Feel free to be creative.

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