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Al Horford is more important than ever for 2018-19 Celtics (video)

Jared Weiss joins the Celtics’ Roundtable to explain why Al Horford is much more than just a role player. Is the Celtics big man STILL underrated?

The Athletic’s Jared Weiss joined Evan Valenti and Matthew Ignal on Celtics Roundtable to discuss Al Horford this week. How important is Al Horford to the Celtics overall success? I think we can all agree that his role is integral to Boston’s postseason aspirations. He’s literally a perfect fit for Brad Stevens’ system. Actually, he’s probably a fit in a lot of systems you see in the modern NBA. Which skill of Horford’s is the most important?

Evan reminisces about Al playing point guard during the regular season, but it actually brings up a good question. What is next for the C’s big man? Furthermore, is there another level he can get to? Is that even possible?

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0:25 Al Horford was a defensive dynamo

3:11 Was last year the best year of Horford’s career?

5:30 Can Horford get better on this team?

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