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Is Al Horford a Top-5 Big? (video)

Is Big Al a top-5 center? Top-10?

The Roundtable gang is back at it to discuss where Al Horford ranks in the NBA. Evan, Matt, and The Athletic’s Jared Weiss all admit Al is AT LEAST a top-ten center. Where he belongs is up for debate.

I think we all can admit Horford is not better than Anthony Davis and Joel Embiid (even though Embiid had trouble when Al was covering him). After that the debate gets HEATED. Where does he rank for YOU? Join the conversation!

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0:00 – Which tier does Horford belong to?

3:00 – How do we evaluate DeMarcus Cousins?

5:00 – Why Al’s dominance in the postseason changes his ranking

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