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History Week on CelticsBlog

Discuss and share your Celtics memories this week.

President Obama Honors Medal Of Freedom Recipients Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Every year in August, CelticsBlog reflects on the people, events and moments of this great sporting franchise, the Boston Celtics. This year we will run a few new stories by resident historian Professor Parquet, foster some general discussion topics, and also look to run back a few old articles to rekindle some fond memories.

As the years pass us by, so to sadly, do some of our favorite Celtics legends. The seventeen banners remain in the rafters and the amazing legacies of the legends that shaped this great franchise live on.

Get active proud Celtics fans, post your own articles in our Fanposts section, share your lessons learned from history and have fun discussing the great characters and the amazing games that are written in Celtics folklore.

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