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Celtics history discussion: Who are the 5 best Celtics defenders of all time?

Which 5 Celtics were the best at stopping the opponents from scoring?

Boston Celtics v New York Knicks Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

You’ve seen enough debates over who the “best Celtics of all time” are (hint: there are too many to narrow down). I thought I’d put a different spin on it and let you debate who the best defenders of all time are. The parameters and analysis are both subjective, which means plenty of space for debate.

There are recent examples (Al Horford, Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley), legendary names (Bill Russell), and everything in between (Kevin Garnett, Tony Allen, Dennis Johnson, Dave Cowens, Kevin McHale, Robert Parish). Who else am I forgetting?

How would you rank them and who would be in your top 5?

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