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Celtics history discussion: Who are the most underrated Celtics of all time?

This discussion could go in any number of directions.

Eric Williams #55... Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Wait, what do you mean by “underrated?” (I don’t know, discuss it)

Well, what are your parameters? (I don’t know, discuss it)

Do you mean “underrated” by Celtics fans or by the league in general? Wait, I know, discuss it.

I used Eric Williams in the picture because I feel like he was always a vital role player on those teams, but other guys got a lot more attention.

A modern example might have been Marcus Smart but I think his recent contract situation highlighted to the league that he’s pretty valuable (just not valuable enough to blow the Celtics out of the water with a RFA offer).

Define this how you like and tell us who you think was underrated on the Celtics.

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