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Boston Celtics daily links 8/28/18

All the Celtics news you need in one convenient place.

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NBA: Boston Celtics at Washington Wizards
Jonathan Gibson vs Wizards 4/10/18
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Herald Manu Ginobili, a 4-time champion with Spurs, retires at 41

Globe Danny Ainge: Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving would be ‘full speed’ if training camp started today

Danny Ainge shared an update on Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving

CelticsBlog Celtics history discussion: Who are the 5 best Celtics defenders of all time?

Report: Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward ready for training camp

Boston Celtics History Week: The Christmas Day Collapse of 1985

What 2017-18 Celtics lineups should be used in 2018-19

Boston Celtics History: Playoff Potpourri trivia quiz

ESPN Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward of Boston Celtics ready to go for training camp

Lex Nihil Novi Fernsten Goes for 8 & 9 in 22 Minutes

The Sports Daily Greatest reporters in NBA history think Kyrie Irving is staying with Boston

NBC Sports Boston 30 questions in 30 days: How does Brad Stevens handle his most pressure-filled season?

NESN Watch Ex-Celtic Abdel Nader Throw Horrendous First Pitch At Royals Game

Jayson Tatum’s Comments Prove Celtics Fans Shouldn’t Fret Over Minutes Issue

ESPN’s BPI Projects Juicy Celtics-Warriors Matchup In 2019 NBA Finals

Why Jalen Rose Believes ‘Loaded’ Celtics Will Reach 2019 NBA Finals

WEEI Ainge says Hayward, Irving are ready to go 'full speed' even before start of training camp

Woj doesn't see Kyrie Irving leaving Celtics: 'I still would take Boston against rest of field'

Jalen Rose says Celtics have 'top to bottom, the best roster in the game'

CBS Boston Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward Healthy & Ready For Celtics Training Camp

Mass Live Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward 'doing everything,' will join team next week

Should the NBA shorten the shot clock after an offensive rebound?

Hardwood Houdini Top 5 Backcourts in the NBA: Where do the Boston Celtics Rank?

Three Issues Facing the Boston Celtics as Next Season Approaches

Boston Celtics: The legacy of Arnold "Red" Auerbach

Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge: Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward healthy for training camp

Chowder and Champions Boston Celtics: 3 regular season goals for Al Horford in 2018-19

Boston Celtics: 3 regular season goals for Kyrie Irving in 2018

Boston Sports Journal Ainge: Gordon Hayward, Kyrie Irving would be ready to go if training camp started now

Welcome to Loud City Steven Adams will whip you in the face with his sweaty hair

Bleacher Report Lakers, LeBron Get Another New Fan After Knicks Lifer Sells Fandom on eBay

SB Nation Darius Bazley will train for 2019 NBA Draft all year after skipping both G League and college

The Sportster 20 NBA Trades Since 2010 That Should Have Never Been Made

Press Herald Sports Digest: Red Claws to open Nov. 2 versus Knicks

NBC Sports Tom Thibodeau not worried about Jimmy Butler leaving: “The winning will take care of that”

Silver Screen and Roll Raptors hire friend of Kawhi Leonard, former Spurs coach Jeremy Castleberry

OKC Thunder Wire Abdel Nader threw out the first pitch at the Royals game on Sunday

Clutch Points Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward can finally do workouts in full speed

12 Up Ben Simmons Admits Celtics Are Team to Beat in the East

Bleacher Report Kyrie Irving, Gordon Hayward Ready to Go 'Full Speed' at Celtics Training Camp

YouTube (2054) Free The Bamboo: Episode 1

Yardbarker Report: Kawhi Leonard has looked great during summer workouts

Clutch Points Celtics rumors: It could be hard for Kyrie Irving to leave Boston

Metro Utah Jazz Kyrie Irving best NBA odds to win division MVP

Indy Star Brad Stevens roots for the Patriots, is friends with Josh McDaniels

Hoops Habit Miami Heat: 3 goals for Kelly Olynyk in 2018-19 season

Elite Sports NY New York Knicks news: Wojnarowski thinks NY 'will get somebody' in 2019

Washington Post The NBA is trying to speed up the game again. That’s good for the league and for fans.

12 Up David Griffin Says LeBron and Kyrie Still Would've Left the Cavs Even if He'd Stayed

Footwear News Green Version of the Nike Kyrie 4 ‘Lucky Charms’ Appears

Basketball Insiders NBA Daily: The Kyrie Trade One Year Later

Denver Stiffs Ranking the 50 most valuable small forwards in the NBA from 2017-18

The Nation Why Kyrie Irving’s Connection to the Standing Rock Sioux Matters

Hoops Habit Boston Celtics: Complete 2018 offseason grades for draft, free agency

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