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Jabari Bird out on bail and taking time away from Celtics

Bird’s agent posted bail Thursday afternoon and the Celtics guard announced he’ll be stepping away from the team to address legal and medical issues.

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Jabari Bird’s agent, Aaron Goodwin, posted $50,000 bail for the Celtics’ guard Thursday afternoon according to Jared Weiss of The Athletic. Bird appeared in Brighton Municipal Court earlier in the day after his release from the hospital. He did not speak, beside to say he understood the charges against him.

Per condition of his release, Bird will stay under supervision of his high school coach, Bill Mellis, and Jaylen Brown’s mother, Mechalle. Both are on their way to Boston, Bird’s attorney Brian Kelly said. Bird cannot leave the state of Massachusetts, unless doing so with the Celtics while notifying parole officials. However, in a statement, Bird announced that he is taking time away from the team to face his legal and medical issues.

The Celtics expressed their thoughts for the victim of Bird’s accused crimes and said they are working with the NBA and local authorities on the matter. “The Celtics organization deplores domestic violence of any kind, and we are deeply disturbed by the allegations against Jabari Bird,” they said.

While Bird remained vague on how long he’ll step aside. The legal process is likely to draw out, as his next scheduled court appearance isn’t until Oct. 25, well after training camp and opening night. He is charged with kidnapping, strangulation, domestic assault and battery, and assault and with a dangerous weapon. Several of those carry a max sentence of 10 years.

The details of Bird’s accused assault are startling. The police report indicated that “he had a pattern of when she began to go ‘limp’ he would stop and allow her to regain her breath, and then continue to strangle her.” The victim reported that Bird underwent seizure-like symptoms following the incident. Later, a Celtics employee reportedly contacted the police after the victim checked into the hospital and received a suicidal threat from Bird.

Bird is under court orders to continue treatment, avoid alcohol and drugs and stay away from the victim.

We will update this story as more details become available.

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