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Hayward: “My goal is to help us get that banner” (video)

Gordon Hayward spoke to the media on Thursday afternoon at the Auerbach Center.

BOSTON - The Boston Celtics are lucky to get back a healthy Gordon Hayward for the 2018-19 season, and the all-star spoke to the media at the Auerbach Center on Thursday afternoon.

Hayward said that he “100%” expects to be ready to go when the Celtics hit the floor on October 16. Will he be in the starting lineup? That’s something Hayward isn’t worried about. “It’s not something I’m worried about at all. We’re worried about winning and putting another banner up behind you. We have so much depth and so much talent, it doesn’t matter who starts for me. My goal is to help us get that banner.”

The Celtics enter this season with plenty of depth, which means that minutes will need to be sacrificed. So far, it seems this group, Hayward included, is buying in.

Listen to Hayward’s full availability here:

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