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Hayward family hosts school supply drive (video)

Gordon Hayward and his wife headlined a school drive in Randolph, Massachusetts on Saturday morning.

RANDOLPH - Boston Celtics forward Gordon Hayward and his wife Robyn hosted a school supply drive in Randolph, Massachusetts on Saturday morning. Hayward signed autographs and took photos with fans who came to participate in the drive at Randolph Community Middle School.

Hayward did have time to speak to the media, and commented on some basketball matters in addition to the Saturday’s school supply drive. In terms of the Celtics finding their roles on a loaded roster, Hayward is sure about one thing; “Coach Stevens will put us in position to be successful. I have no doubt about that.”

The Celtics forward also discussed the team’s recent pickup games. “You just realize how much talent that we have, how many guys that can do so many different things.”

Check out everything Hayward had to say here:

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