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Marcus Smart is rocking with B.W.A. (video)

The bench unit’s mantra was on display after day two of training camp.

Photo by Chris Grenham

BRIGHTON - Day two of Boston Celtics training camp included plenty of discussion about the newly-coined reserve unit, B.W.A. or “Bench With Attitude”.

Marcus Morris, the creator of BWA, thinks he should be making money off of the BWA shirts that have been popping up on social media, but he knows one thing for sure: the Celtics have the best bench in the NBA. “We definitely have a lot of guys who could start in this league. For opposing teams, if your bench not ready, it could get real ugly. When we get out there, we’re going to try to separate every time. That’s going to be our main focus.”

Celtics guard Marcus Smart had a good laugh when asked about the nickname following day two of training camp, but said that he’s “rocking with” the name.

While the bench unit was having fun discussing their lineup, Brad Stevens wasn’t as enthusiastic. When asked if the team’s defense has looked good thus far, Stevens bluntly replied, “No”.

Check out all of the sound from day two of training camp here:

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