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UPDATE: Ainge on Jaylen Brown, Marcus Morris scuffle: “it’s two kids that are competitive”

On a frustrating night in Miami, tempers flared between vet and young player.

Boston Celtics v Philadelphia 76ers - Game Four Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Here’s the video that everybody will be talking about on sports radio in Boston tomorrow morning:

Not a good look for Jaylen Brown or Marcus Morris, but scuffles like this happen to every team. The shoving could be considered over the top, but let’s wait to hear the players speak on the situation before drawing any conclusions.

Here’s what we know: before that timeout, Jaylen Brown missed a lay up and jogged back in transition. His cover, presumably Derrick Jones Jr., beat him down the floor for an easy transition bucket. Here’s the play:

You can see Mook barking at Brown before the timeout. As former CelticsBlogger Jared Weiss notes, this isn’t new criticism weighed on Jaylen Brown or any of the young players, most notable Jaylen, Jayson Tatum, and Guerschon Yabusele. Missing bad shots is one thing, but missing defensive assignments is a no-no.

UPDATE: Danny Ainge told the Boston Globe on Friday that the dust up wasn’t a big deal:

“It’s two good kids that are competitive,” Ainge said by phone from Boston on Friday. “They both want the same thing. Emotions happen in games, and I’m not worried about it.”


“I have not talked with them about it and haven’t really heard anything from anyone about it,” Ainge said, “so I don’t really feel a need to intervene.”

Ainge expanded more on it with The Herald’s Steve Bulpett:

“I honestly didn’t think anything of it,” the club’s president of basketball operations said in a phone conversation. “I like Marcus’ and Jaylen’s character and personalities and feistiness, and, like, I just think nothing of something like this.

“It’s something where those things happen to best friends even. Heck, I remember those things happening to (Rajon) Rondo and Perk (Kendrick Perkins). You know, they’re best buddies, but it’s just the heat of the battle, and I didn’t have a second thought about it.”

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