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Podcast: Kyrie Irving’s leadership and a bad road trip

Chris Grenham takes us behind the scenes of three games in Florida and New York that each handed us a piece of new Celtics drama.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Kyrie Irving’s spat with Gordon Hayward in Orlando highlighted a 0-3 road trip that also included an altercation between Marcus Morris and Jaylen Brown, and Brown possibly challenging Irving’s challenge. Are chemistry issues behind Boston?

We went game by game on the podcast and got Chris’ insights from his time in the locker room throughout the entirety of the road trip. We’ve seen the best of this team, the Pacers win, and the worst, trailing by more than 20 to Brooklyn, since the first rendition of this podcast. Whatever the issue in Boston is, the C’s are certainly inconsistent.

We also have a new name: Havlicek Stole the Pod. Thanks Bill Sy.

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