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Brad Stevens wins his 250th game

The Celtics Monday night win against the Heat was a historic one for Coach Brad Stevens as he marks his 250th career coaching victory.

NBA: Playoffs-Boston Celtics at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

After the Boston Celtics win on Monday night against the Miami Heat, Brad Stevens notched his 250th win becoming just the fifth coach in Celtics history to achieve this mark. Stevens joins the ranks of Red Auerbach, Tommy Heinsohn, Doc Rivers, and K.C. Jones as other Celtics coaches to meet this impressive feat.

The Celtics found a diamond in the rough with Stevens as he came straight from Butler University, and now he is considered one of the best minds of the game. In only six seasons, Stevens has already supplanted himself among the top coaches in the league.

Stevens has a career record of 250-207 which is a 54.7% win percentage over this five and a half year span. He has bolstered his resume even more with four trips to the playoffs over the past four years. In addition, and probably the most important to note, each full season he has improved the team’s winning percentage hitting another level each year.

It is truly remarkable when you think Stevens arrived in Boston during a strenuous rebuilding culture. He took this opportunity not to sit by and be stagnant, but instead, he took the opportunity to get the most out of every player he has coached to this point. The names of players who have achieved their highest in the Brad Stevens system is countless.

Stevens is only 42 years young and has really cherished his time as an NBA coach this far into his coaching career. He commented after this milestone win that “When you’re in coaching, you never think you’re going to get one (win), and you’re always like, ‘How do you possibly get the next one?’ So, I haven’t even thought about it. It’s just an honor to coach here and to get a chance to coach in this league against coaches like Erik Spoelstra.” In classic Brad fashion, he deflected the praise and made it into a chance to compliment another great coach in Spoelstra.

Stevens will continue to build off these 250 wins he now has for himself. The brilliant schemes and strategies he diagrams on a nightly basis will always make him one of the greats of the game. Now, he knows it’s all about the present, but if he continues to build and have successes, Stevens could be one of the all-time coaches when all is said and done.

To catch the all-timers of Celtics history he has a bit more work to do. Next on the list is K.C. Jones who won 308 games over his career. Stevens is 58 wins behind him which should be doable within the calendar year. Then, it is Doc Rivers at 416 and Tommy Heinshohn at 427 wins. Even with Steven’s impressive success, Red Auerbach’s record of 795 career wins does not look to be in too much jeopardy (so far).

The Celtics have found a franchise staple coach in Brad Stevens. Congratulations on your 250 wins, and we can only hope for many more as coach of the Boston Celtics.

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