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Anonymous Warriors player tells Jeff Goodman: Gordon Hayward is a “liability on both ends of court”

Jeff Goodman was told by a Warriors player that Gordon Hayward is hurting the Celtics right now.

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BOSTON — When the Celtics signed Gordon Hayward to a 4-year max deal two off-seasons ago, it was in large part to be able to have the kind of position-less team that could some day compete with the Golden State Warriors.

On Saturday night when the Celtics faced off with the two time defending champs, Hayward looked like he didn’t even belong on the floor, prompting one Golden State player to tell Jeff Goodman on the CLNS Media Network that the Celtics forward is a “liability.”

“I talked to a Warriors player who told me, ‘listen, Gordon Hayward is not Gordon Hayward right now,’ said Goodman on the Garden Report. He’s hurting them.’ the anonymous player continued. ‘He’s a liability on both ends of the court.’ ‘

Hayward managed only 2 points on 0-5 shooting in 22 minutes of largely uninspired action in the Celtics 115-111 loss to the Warriors.

Goodman also said the same Warrior player told him that the Celtics ‘needed to make a move,’ suggesting that this current group of players doesn’t have what it needs to compete with the likes of the Warriors.

Hayward, of course, began the season in the Celtics starting lineup alongside Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Al Horford and Kyrie Irving. Brown and Hayward were ultimately sent to the bench in favor of Marcus Morris and Marcus Smart. Hayward has been more efficient since moving to the bench but there are still far too many nights like Saturday where he is virtually non-existent.

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