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Robert Williams is still adjusting to NBA life and couldn’t tell you what day it is

Williams discussed how he’s adjusting to NBA life on Sunday at the Auerbach Center.

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BRIGHTON - Boston Celtics rookie Robert Williams has missed the team’s previous six games with a groin injury, but that doesn’t mean the Texas A&M product has stopped the rigorous schedule of an NBA player. Since being drafted in late June, Williams has worked tirelessly with Celtics assistant Alex Barlow, traveled back and forth from Boston to Maine six times, while continuing to adjust to his new lifestyle day by day, even if it means not knowing what day it is.

“This might sound funny,” he said at practice today, “but I literally don’t know the days of the week. ... I promise, I couldn’t tell you what today is. I forget the days of the week. And with the traveling you mix up the hotel room numbers from the previous (cities). It’s a lot man. It’s worth it though.”

In terms of Williams’ injury status, the 21-year-old did practice on Sunday afternoon, which is a good sign as he works to rejoin the Celtics lineup. He is officially listed as questionable for Monday night’s matchup with the Brooklyn Nets, but said following today’s workout that he feels good.

“Feeling good,” Williams said. “Trying to get myself right mentally, sitting out as much as I’ve been sitting out my rookie year, but just putting all my trust into the trainers hoping they get me back in good time, speed, and hoping I get back with the same force that I left with.”

Time off is difficult for any player, mentally and physically, but Williams says that he tries to stay as involved as possible, even when he’s sidelined.

“I just try to get as involved with these guys as I can when I’m not playing,” said Williams. “Because if it’s a genuine team happiness, then it’s going to be happiness around the whole thing. So I’m out there smiling, happy even if I’m not out there with them, I feel like I’m still producing in some way.”

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