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Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman grade the Celtics position by position - Podcast

Welcome to the brand new Bob Ryan and Jeff Goodman weekly podcast, episode 2.

Episode 2 is here! The legendary Bob Ryan and acclaimed basketball insider, Jeff Goodman are back, as promised.

The journalists sip some coffee and Sambucca at The Legacy Club of Boston while they casually review each position for the Boston Celtics, entering the 2019-20 regular season.

Mr. Ryan teases listeners with his threats of low post dominance in the way of a 70 year old hook shot, leaning 1-foot jumper and an up & under that can rival Tim Duncan or Kevin McHale.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an off-season Celtics’ topic podcast episode without mention of Kyrie Irving. Ryan gives fair (harsh) warning to the Brooklyn Nets about Kyrie Irving while Goodman settles into his expert zone by grading each Celtics’ rookie based on his coverage of their college careers.

Yes, Tacko Fall does sneak into the discussion.

Check out episode 1 of the podcast here.

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1:00-3:00 - Is Kyrie Bob’s least favorite Celtics player of all time? Jeff and Bob discuss how last season was full of frustrations and disappointment

3:00- 4:00 - Why this season will be totally different than last, regardless of outcomes

4:10-7:50 - Bob’s expectations for Hayward, Tatum and Kemba

7:55-9:45 - Pacers sleepers in east conference. Why is no one talking about them?

10:00-11:50 - Should Danny Ainge pay Jaylen Brown a max contract? Jeff says Danny should build value and trade him

12:00-14:00 - Realistic expectations for Enes Kanter and the Celtics’ bigs, or lack of...

14:00-14:50 - Marcus Smart Irreplaceable. Imagine if Danny didn’t re sign him.. -ouch!

16:00-18:00 - Profiling Brad Stevens after his toughest season in the pros. Looking back at his achievements at Butler. Breaking down how Brad can make it a bounce back season

18:01- Carson Edwards and the rest of the 2nd Unit

21:01-23:30- Tacko Fall!!!!!!!!!!!!

23:32-26:50 - Kemba Walker profile, predictions

26:50- Overall predictions for the season

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