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Practice Report: Stevens readying Celtics for real games + Update on Jaylen Brown Contract (video)

Sierra Goodwill of CLNS Media has your Celtics’ practice report for Thursday, October 17th...

BRIGHTON -- Thursday was the Boston Celtics’ first regular-season practice. The preseason is over and now Brad Stevens is getting his team ready for the real deal. Their first test? The Philadelphia 76ers.

Sierra Goodwill has more from the Auerbach Center where the team explains how the intensity at practice is now ramped up.


There were reports that Jaylen Brown was not interested in the contact extension the Boston Celtics offered him. It was reportedly a four-year deal worth $80 million, but Brown thinks he deserves more.

Danny Ainge went on 98.5 The Sports Hub and said that report was false and the Celtics are still engaging in negotiations with Brown that he thinks are “going well.” Sierra Goodwill has more from the Auerbach Center.

For full HD video of each player who spoke at practice today, click here OR click the names below.

Brad Stevens Interview

Kemba Walker Interview

Carson Edwards Interview

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