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Black Friday Clearance Sale - Untucked Kyrie shirts

Yes, this post can be read ironically.

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In honor of the Nets coming to Boston and Black Friday coming up, it seems like a great time to offer this Clearance Sale price on our Kyrie irving shirt!

For a limited time (ok, probably for forever) you can get this shirt for the low-low price of $10.00!

Get your own Untucked Kyrie shirt here!

Ideas on what you can use this shirt for:

  • White Elephant gift
  • Wear it to Thanksgiving dinner just to see what kind of reaction it gets
  • Put it on your dog as punishment for when they’ve tracked mud into the house
  • Dry your car with it after washing it
  • Force your friends to wear the shirt of shame for when someone in your group behaves selfishly

Ok, ok, seriously though, perhaps you might be more interested in this Kemba Walker shirt.

Shop for this shirt and lots of Boston sports themed shirts here. We’ve got Tacko shirts, Carsen Edwards shirts, Tatum/Brown shirts, and more.

More details from BreakingT here:

We are currently having a 15% off everything sale to celebrate Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Here are the details:

• 15% Off Everything site wide with discount code BFSAVE15

• No minimum!

• 90 designs just added to Clearance Collection, with shirts starting at $8.50 with discount

• Nothing excluded! Discount applies to shirts, hoodies, prints, mugs, kids, etc.

• Sale is live now and ends Monday at 11:59 p.m. PT

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