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Reasons to be Thankful for this Boston Celtics team

There are so many reasons to be thankful this season.

NBA: NOV 20 Celtics at Clippers Photo by Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

‘Tis the season to be thankful so I thought I’d come up with a partial list of reasons to be thankful about this Boston Celtics club. Please feel free to add your own in the comments section below!

  • First of all, I’m thankful for everything that Marcus Smart is. The other day while playing pickup basketball, I knocked a ball away from the guy I was defending, then I dove on the floor to grab the ball and push it to a teammate. The very first thought that popped into my head was “Marcus would be proud.”
  • Kemba Walker is an All Star player and an All Star teammate:

via ESPN

KEMBA WALKER IS watching Boston Celtics teammates Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown get up jump shots after practice, and he’s asked about what drives him to be so vocally supportive.

A perplexed Walker takes a beat to answer.

”I’m really just being myself,” he says. “I’m really just genuinely happy for guys and my teammates. I love when guys have success. I’ve had a lot of success in my career, and I want guys to have great success.”

  • Gordon Hayward showed us (before his hand injury) that he’s really back and ready to be the all-around versatile star that this team needs to mesh and gel as a unit.
  • Tatum and Brown are growing up right before our eyes. They are the future of this franchise and the team is in good hands going forward.
  • Speaking of youngsters, the roster is stacked with guys in their early 20’s that are already contributing to the team’s success. Robert Williams III, Grant Williams, and Carsen Edwards are all playing big roles and project to be part of the future.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, “old” man Brad Wanamaker (30 yrs old) is making the most of his long awaited and hard earned opportunity.
  • Enjoying the early season contributions from the big man rotation: Theis, Kanter, and Williams each brings something different to the table and Poirier adds depth.
  • Speaking of depth, it seems like the “kids” are developing well at the end of the bench and in Maine. Tremont Waters looks like a keeper. Javonte Green has filled in well when needed. There’s still plenty of time for Romeo Langford to deliver on his lottery talent. And Tacko Fall is just a unique project that is worth investing in.
  • At the helm is Mr. Growth Mindset himself Brad Stevens. Always looking to improve and provide a steady hand leading the ship.
  • How about some love for Danny Ainge, who is humble enough to admit his own mistakes but deserving of praise for his track record and for putting this franchise back on the right track after a trying year.
  • Hats off to the owners who handle their business with passion but without getting in the way of the decision makers they put in place. (just look around at some of the other owner situations to make you feel even more thankful)
  • A big thank you to the staff of CelticsBlog for making this an awesome place to enjoy spending time with this community of fans.
  • And cheers to you Boston fans! Best. Fans. Ever. Enough said.

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