Two observations from Barclays and three questions.

Most of my thoughts and comments show up in the articles or comments thereto, which is not surprising as most things are as (or more) visible on T.V. than live. Two observations that might not have been:

1 - As reported, Gordon did some shooting practice, mostly 3s, for about fifteen minutes before the game. But unlike what I saw reported, he didn't seem to have his touch back yet. He was physically smooth, i.e., his left hand didn't seem to cause him any form problems, but he was not hitting the shots like I'd expect. Overall, I'd guestimate he was making about 50% -- great if it was a live game with opposition, but not for the practice floor. He was moving around and trying to simulate game action, so I wouldn't expect the 80+% you see with just stationary catch and shoot practice, but I'd expect better than what I saw in those 15 minutes before I'd say he was showing the same touch he did before he was injured.

2 - The reports of the "Kyrie's better" chants didn't make clear how limited it was. It was only coming from one or two sections, and was so limited in scope that at first I thought it was a group of Celtics fans chanting "Kemba's better." As another commentor pointed out, saying he's been to Barclays seven times the last few years, they don't yet have anything close to the home court fans/advantage most teams have. My take is that there are so many people from all over the country in NYC that visiting team's fans come see their hometown team at Barclays, and further, the Nets are new enough in Brooklyn (and have been bad enough) that they just haven't developed the same hometown rabid following. The Knicks don't have the same problem, at least to the same extent, because they've been NY's team forever (however bad they may be), and their ticket prices are also so much more that visiting team's fans will be more likely to buy tickets to the Nets (for a better game) before shelling out so much more for MSG. But I think it's changing -- this game Barclays seemed about 80% full (the most I'd seen before was maybe 40%); I've never seen MSG less than 90% (although I haven't been there as much (see ticket prices)).

Some questions:

1 - One thing I don't like live is the lack of replays. They show some on the screen there, but not many. So, for example, I couldn't see what I thought about the two challenges. Do people agree that Allen's foul should have been overturned and Grant's foul sustained?

2 - As we were making our last ditch comeback attempt, it was going well, we had it down to a 6 point deficit with about three minutes left, all we needed was a few more stops and we were in business. But then for three or four defensive possessions in a row we started immediately trapping up top as though we had to get a turnover not just a stop. Well, they passed out of the traps easily, got wide open shots, and made it so it didn't matter if we connected on offense. Does anyone know why we panicked instead of just playing solid defense at that point in the game?

3 - Tremont didn't play in the Red Claws' game yesterday (Friday), but he was still listed in the box score, and as far as I know was still with them (i.e., he hadn't been re-recalled to Boston after being sent back to the Red Claws after Kemba came back). Does anyone know why he didn't play with Maine Friday?

Thanks All :-)

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