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O’Connor: Celtics could deal 2020 first round picks

Currently, the Celtics own their first round pick next summer plus Milwaukee’s.

2019 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Here’s former CelticsBlogger and current Ringer Kevin O’Connor on some trade chatter involving the Celtics:

Late first-round picks or early second-round picks in the 2020 draft are valuable pieces of ammo in deals for nonstars. In addition to the Rockets, the following have been cited as teams that could trade 2020 draft picks:

Milwaukee Bucks: Indiana’s first-round pick (currently slotted at no. 20 overall)

Toronto Raptors: Own first-round pick (no. 23)

Los Angeles Clippers: Own first-round pick (no. 26)

Boston Celtics: Own first-round pick (no. 28) and Milwaukee’s first-round pick (no. 29)

Philadelphia 76ers: New York’s (no. 31) and Atlanta’s second-round picks (no. 35)

Naturally, most of the available picks belong to contending teams, most notably the top of the Eastern Conference. While’s Boston’s potential picks sits behind Milwaukee’s and Toronto’s first rounders, it’s a tidy package that could help a rebuilding team either jump up in the draft and/or replenish the cupboard for the future. Back in July, Danny Ainge opted to keep his bevy of 2019 picks and restocked Boston’s bench with arguably the Celtics’ best haul in a decade with Romeo Langford, Grant Williams, Carsen Edwards, and Tremont Waters (and bringing in Tacko Fall on a two-way deal).

KOC highlights a couple of targets--but doesn’t necessarily link them to the Celtics--that could be viable options if Ainge chooses to make a push when trade season officially/unofficially starts on December 15th. Wizards’ sharp shooting big man, Davis Bertans, is shooting 47% from behind the arc over his last ten games with Washington. However, he’s a free agent next summer and will most likely make more than the $7 million expiring contract he’s wrapping up right now. The trio of Marcus Morris, Andre Iguodala, and Marvin Williams all make around $15 million this season and could provide valuable veteran experience to a young team, but it seems unlikely that the Celtics would cobble together enough money and jeopardize their depth and mostly their chemistry to do it.

This is my own personal speculation, but I wonder what the league and more so, the Celtics think of Romeo Langford. With the Celtics chock full at the wings, will he ever get a chance to get meaningful playing time to cut his teeth? He’s on a rookie scale deal that gives Boston a five-year window to develop him, but if the Celtics see themselves as contending this year or realistically in the immediate future, Langford could either be another ace they could play on the court or in the trade market.

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