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Havlicek Stole the Pod: Celtics have fun vs. 76ers

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Marcus Morris set a tone, Al Horford followed and Marcus Smart, Jayson Tatum dunked to cap off a victorious night followed by Philly cheesesteaks.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Celtics finally had fun.

Boston trounced the 76ers behind maybe the dunk of the season by Jayson Tatum. Marcus Smart dunked off one leg, Al Horford held it down on Joel Embiid and the new Sixers additions made a quiet debut against Brad Stevens and company.

The C’s have won 21 of 24 against Philly, and 11 of 14 overall, so why the panic? Is the fun that big of a factor, as Marcus Morris says? How much stock do we put in the two Lakers and Clippers losses despite all the recent winning?

Stevens pointed inward after one of them, signaling 2nd and 3rd quarter lineup changes. We also weigh in on Ben Simmons and Lakers tampering allegations, an Isaiah Thomas return and the Marc Gasol addition for the Raptors.